Monday, June 17, 2019

What to Know About Carfax Registered Used Cars

Knowing the Carfax on a used car is crucial to getting the most out of your used car. If you have an incorrect record regarding the history of your used car, your car could break down sooner then you expected. Here is a guide to knowing the most important things in the research for your Carfax.

 Vehicle accident check

Having a vehicle accident check is crucial, as there are a number of long lasting structural damages. If a previous insurance company refused to cover the vehicle, you need to know that.

Vehicle mileage check

One of the most common forms of automotive fraud is rolling back vehicle miles to sell for a higher value. Therefore, make sure that the used vehicle you are buying hasn’t had its odometer rolled back.

Car ownership

Knowing who has owned the car you are looking to buy is an excellent piece of knowledge to have. In particular, make sure to know whether or not your used car wasn’t previously operated as either a taxi or as a rental car.

For the past 30 years, Carfax has been gathering data on US vehicles from thousands of sources and helped millions of used car buyers avoid getting stuck with a vehicle with any hidden problems. Get the facts about Carfax registered used cars.