Monday, May 23, 2022
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Birth Injury Lawsuit Prosecution

Labor and childbirth are vulnerable times for expectant mothers. Modern birthing methods are a lot safer, but sometimes mistakes occur and cause injuries  to the mother, baby or both.

Birth Injury Lawsuits

Birth defects are present before childbirth but birth injuries happen during the birthing process. Parents can induce a lawsuit if they prove the professionals assisting them in childbirth acted negligently and didn’t perform their duties as they should.  There are a range of different injuries caused during childbirth and the extent of the injury determines how much the settlement amount will be. Time off work, and lifetime care needs are taken into account. Damages can also be sought for emotional damage and pain caused after the birth.

In many cases health providers are reluctant to settle out of court, so the lawsuit usually goes to trial. It’s important to have an experienced lawyer, used to arguing cases in a courtroom. If providers are willing to settle out of court, then the likelihood is the settlement will be much lower.

Birth Injury Lawyer Fees

Most lawyers will take a percentage of the compensation if the claim is won. Usually if the case is lost, then there will be no payment from the client to the lawyer. The process from initiating a claim to receiving compensation is complicated. Determining whether you have a case from a successful lawyer will ensure you get the right representation.