Saturday, April 17, 2021

Is it possible to save on Costa Rica vacation packages?

If you’ve wanted to go visit Costa Rica but figured it was too costly, you might feel differently after reading this article. There a few different tips to keep in mind when planning your vacation to Costa Rica that can save you quite a bit overall.

First, avoid traveling there from December through April. These months are the most popular for tourists, and it drives up the travel and lodging costs quite a bit. May through July are the cheaper months to go, and have less rain than August through November. Also, when you do get to Costa Rica, avoid staying inside the major tourist areas. Staying even 15 minutes away can significantly reduce lodging costs, and still allow you to see the popular areas without hassle.

While you’re moseying around these hot spots, ask yourself if you really need a tour. Many places can be just as great to explore on your own, and you get nearly the same experience without the cost. These tips have covered lodging and when to travel, but food is another important cost to consider.

One of the best ways to have a very culturally immersive experience as well as save money, is to eat at local ‘Sodas’ during your stay. ‘Sodas’ are small local native run restaurants that serve authentic Costa Rican food to patrons. Though they may not always look like much from the outside, the portions are usually generous, the food tasty, and the bill inexpensive.

Now as far as getting around town goes, a taxi isn’t necessary. A good bit can be saved by opting to use their public bus transportation system. It’s a great way to feel like part of the Costa Rican culture too. Aside from these general tips, there is a little bit more you can do to help keep your wallet fat.

Many travel sites offer package deals to Costa Rica. Expedia claims up to a $603 savings off flight and hotel if you book with them. Other sites like Travelocity offer similar deals, though they don’t always list the dollar amount of savings. With all of these tips combined, you’re sure to have a great time, and not stress about how much money you have left when you get back.