Alternative Holiday Destinations in the Caribbean

Looking for a genuine island getaway without fighting for a space at the beach? Want an adventure on an island overlooked by the average tourist? Check out these hidden gems waiting to be explored in the Caribbean!


Because the only way to reach Andros is by flying charter from Nassau or by ferry, the largest of the Bahamian islands is much less visited than more popular destinations in the region. With more than twenty major beaches on the island, you will have plenty of space! Not only that, but Andros contains numerous “blue holes” and channels of underwater caverns you can scuba or snorkel right through!

Iles De Saintes, Guadeloupe

What’s better than spending a holiday within an unspoiled tropical paradise? Mixing that natural beauty with serene French-inspired architecture and cuisine! The trio of islands off the southern coast of Guadalupe are truly the best of two worlds–where cafes and restaurants provide a taste of France as you dine beside aquamarine waters and at the foot of  lush, green hills.

Saba, Lesser Antilles

If you prefer hitting the trails instead of laying on the beach, the five-square-mile island of  Saba offers several unique jaunts through the rainforest filled with rare tropical foliage. You can walk old stone paths and steps leading through the greenery. This area was created by locals before the first paved road was introduced on the island in the 1950s.

There are two beaches here, so don’t let the jagged landscape keep you out of the water. Less tourism has kept the water clear making it a great area to dive! At any depth, there is great activity in the water with the chance to see turtles, lobster, dolphins, stingrays and tropical fish float by!

There’s a lot to see, if you stray off the beaten track and explore the alternative holiday destinations in the Caribbean.