Tuesday, July 5, 2022
Web & Technology

Five pieces of tech to pick up in the coming year

The coming year is rich of fantastic news as regards technology. Look at the five cool tech things coming out next year: some of them are amazing!

Smart Holographic: this will be the first holographic phone ever! Thanks to a special technology and four cameras, this phone will allow us to see things in three dimensions just in front of us. Price is still a secret but this phone is definitely a cool one!

Smart Beam: this is an incredible phone that can become a projector to watch films, delivering lessons and workshops, conferences, video chatting and much more. There is a sort of cube to be connected to your device and your personal cinema is on!

SK Hero: this device is definitely great to avoid accidents. If you are riding a bike and the car behind you is approaching you, your device connected to a camera with a sensor, warns you that the car is too close so you have time to move if the driver is distracted and doesn’t see you. So useful!

Meet Dolfi: Washing could be boring and hard for many people and sometimes frustrating because results could be not so satisfying. All this can be sorted out with Meet Dolfi. The size is that of a solid soap and it cleans with an ultrasonic technology. No more damaging or discoloring because you don’t need to rub or stretch your clothes.

Flexible touchscreens: have you ever dreamed of a flexible touchscreen? Well, it does exists and it can be worn exactly ad a watch or a bracelet. It is still in black and white but it will come in colors very soon!