Friday, August 19, 2022
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Five ways to keep the holiday pounds off

Lots of food, drinks, desserts… Christmas is approaching and we all tend to put on weight in this period. If you want to keep the holiday pounds off, all you have to do is follow the next five tips.

Limit the booze

Toasts get proposed at a shocking speed during Christmas, but you must remember that alcohol is very fattening which is why you should try to limit yourself as much as possible.

Make low-fat versions of popular dishes

If you want to make healthier, less-heavy versions of classic Christmas dishes you can do so by using light versions of the ingredients and therefore lower your caloric intake.

Exercise more than usual

Of course, an extremely effective way of keeping the holiday pounds off is to work out more than usual. Make your walks or runs more intense and longer to make sure you burn the extra food you will be eating.

Have little snacks before a big Christmas lunch

If you are going to a Christmas lunch or dinner where there will be big amounts of food, have a healthy snack right before so you don’t get there extremely hungry and devour whatever you have in front of you.

Limit the sweets

Just like with booze, during Christmas we eat more sweets than usual. Try to avoid sugary foods as much as you can during this period and you will keep the pounds off.

It might be hard, but it is possible to keep the holiday pounds off.