Monday, November 12, 2018
Web & Technology

Dedicated vs. Shared Web Hosting – what’s the difference?

This article helps the reader to distinguish between dedicated and shared web hosting to help them make an informed decision.

Shared hosting

Shared hosting means sharing the server with other websites. Sharing a server means that your service provider will allocate limited bandwidth and disk space to each user since you have to share one server.

With shared hosting, you’ll also have limited configuration options because of different rights and access. Only the service provider can perform specific actions because of security issues. The speed performance is also likely to drop during high traffic periods.

Dedicated hosting

With dedicated hosting, your provider will only dedicate the server to you, meaning that the performance and speeds will be high because you will not be sharing bandwidth and disk space with anyone.

You will also have more configuration options because the hosting provider will not need to conduct administration duties on the server.


When it comes to cost-effectiveness, shared hosting is ideal because several different webpreneurs share the costs. However, it is crucial to note that despite the low prices, shared hosting is only suitable for personal blogs and websites and corporate that do not require high bandwidth.

Dedicated hosting is pricier because you won’t be sharing resources with anyone. Hence the hosting company will expect you to foot the costs alone. If you have an E-commerce website dedicated hosting will be ideal because you will need to factor in downtime.

Just any web hosting will not do, and its necessary for website owners to do their research before settling for either shared or dedicated hosting.