Monday, November 12, 2018

Simple fixes you can do with household items

DIY fixes are on the rise, and this article offers information on simple fixes you can do with household items to help you save some money.

Jeweler’s rouge

Jeweler’s rouge is not just for polishing your precious metals around the house. Got glass with some scratches on it? Apply the rouge on a soft piece of cloth and rub the scratch until the scratch disappears.

Olive oil

Tired of those squeaky sounds coming from your door or window hinges? No need to call the repairman yet. Use olive oil from your kitchen to quiet the sound. Simply pour a few drops of olive oil directly on the hinges and say goodbye to the annoying noises.

Baking soda

Thinking of changing your taps because they’re an unattractive sight from accumulated grime? Mix some baking soda, and white vinegar to form a smooth paste. Use the paste to scrub the taps, and you’ll be surprised at how clean they’ll turn out.

Soda crystals

Every household deals with blocked drains once in a while. Instead of calling the plumber sprinkle two spoonfuls of soda crystals into the drain, followed by hot water. Make it a monthly exercise and say goodbye to drain blockage.

Repair work costs a pretty penny and Doing It Yourself (DIY) goes a long way into saving you money. Simple fixes you can do with things around the houses can help you direct repair money into another area of your household.