Saturday, September 23, 2023

One fantasy football sleeper from all 32 NFL team

It’s fantasy football drafting season, and we’re as excited as ever! A rampant and interesting game now, fantasy football has a huge fan following. Of course, drafting is not the easiest thing to do, and sleepers are some of the most important, needing careful consideration.

So what we think is that you should ponder over a player from each of the 32 NFL teams. Our advice to you is to look at the famous names, but also at some of the players who slip through, unnoticed. You never know, they may turn out to be valuable. Here are some that you can consider, and maybe use similar logic and strategy when you look at the rest.

Arizona Cardinals: John Brown

He may not be a deep sleeper, but he’s not what you can call under-drafted! With other players out of the way, he can prove pretty formidable.

Atlanta Falcons: Taylor Gabriel

He broke out as a special weapon, a valuable asset in 2016, and is certainly a deep sleeper. It’s god to take chances with him.

Baltimore Ravens: Danny Woodhead

If this guy keeps his health throughout the season, he’ll be seeing the field a lot as a pass catcher.

Well, there are some deep sleepers and some more formidable players, but in the end what matters is the kind of sleepers you are looking for in your fantasy football team. Strategize, because each person’s perspective is different, and you may end up doing better with your own analysis and lists.