Friday, August 19, 2022
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Top 10 quick dinner ideas to save time and eating delicious dishes


Do you want save time but don’t know what to cook? This article will help you preparing top 10 quick dinner ideas you will love.

10. Caprese

Ingredients for this dish are a mozzarella and a tomato. Cut both of them in slices and put one slice of mozzarella and one slice of tomato alternating them. Pour some evo oil and a pinch of oregano.

9. Parmigiana

Cut in slices some aubergines. Fry them in sunflower oil and leave them to dry. Put a slice of aubergine, pour some tomato sauce, a slice of boiled egg, a slice of gouda cheese and tomato again. Cover all this with another slice of aubergine and grated parmesan. Put into the microwave for 1 minute or until the cheese is melted.

8. Eggs and cheese

In a pan, put some evo oil and crack an egg. When this is half cooked, cover with a slice of cheddar cheese ungtil it melts.

7. Italian Montecristo Sandwich

Prepare a sandwich with cheese and ham, dip it in egg mixture, then coat with breadcrumbs. Fry in oil and serve warm with marinara sauce for dipping.

6. Carbonara pasta

Fry some bacon in dices and prepare egg mixture. Cook spaghetti as usual and when cooked, dry them. Put in a pan, add egg mixture and fried bacon and stir on the cooker for a minute. Serve hot.

5. Frittata and peas

Prepare egg mixture. Open a can of pre-cooked peas and add to the mixture. Fry in a pan with some sunflower oil.

4. Norma pasta

Prepare some tomato sauce and cook it with some evo oil. When ready, cook some spaghetti and fry some aubergines in slices. When pasta is ready, pour the tomato sauce, add aubergines and grated parmesan.

3. Pasta with garlic, oil and chilli powder

Cook some spaghetti. Prepare a sort of sauce with garlic, oil and chilli powder. Cook all these ingredients for about 2 mins and add to spaghetti.

2. Jacked potatoes

Cook some big potatoes in the oven. When they are ready, open them in two halves and put a mixture of tuna, mayo and corn inside the potato. Add some grated cheddar.

1. Breaded chicken breasts

Buy some chicken breasts, cut them in slices, dip them in egg mixture and then in breadcrumbs. Fry with sunflower oil.