Saturday, January 18, 2020

How you can find the best New York low cost apartments

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Living in New York is quite expensive these days. How do you find a low-cost apartment? NY rent prices have grown by 0.4% over the past month and there has been a 1.1% high in the prices than the last year. The two bedroom costs around $4,100 and around $3,200 for a single bedroom flat. Taking all the expenses into consideration, the NY cost of living is around 65% higher the other states.

The median rate for a two-bedroom apartment is $1668 in the NY metro city according to the Department of the Housing and Urban Development. One bedroom flat costs around $200 to $400 for one month in Manhattan while a two bedroom flat costs $450 to $900 for 2 nights to one month. The lowest cost for a 3+ bedroom rounds up to $900 for a month and will rise as you demand more amenities.

If we consider other places in New York, such as Brooklyn and Queens, the lowest cost of the apartments range from $300 per month for a one bedroom flat to $500 for a two bedroom flat. These figures generally do not matter for those who are starting to make their career. The NY city has ample opportunities that outweigh the other smaller negative aspects of the city.

A good way to save money is to go for hostel rooms. Otherwise, you could even share your room with a new roommate to share the costs.

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