Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Apple Unveils Stylish Waterproof Smart Watch 2

Smart Watch

On September 7th 0f 2016, Apple announced its Next Generation digital watch. Apple Watch 2 is a splash proof watch and can be worn underwater. It has a number of workout apps and one of these is a swimming tracker. This app helps you monitor your swimming workouts. This Apple watch comes with other impressive features. For instance, the speaker, which is not waterproof, cleverly ejects water after a swim.

Amazing Specs of Smart Watch 2

Apple watch 2 has a built-in GPS system which is great for outdoor activities, especially jogging and cycling. The GPS system is one of the outstanding features on this new watch. It provides better tracking of pace and keeps accurate track of jogging and cycling routes. The watch features a screen that is twice as bright as its predecessor. Its specs have been improved with a better graphics processing unit and a faster processor. The watch integrates harmoniously with the Apple phone especially when using the workout apps.

Improved features

The improved features of the Apple watch 2, additional apps and underwater capabilities make it the top selling Smart watch in the world and the number 2 watch seller in the world behind Rolex. This is according to the company’s CFO, Jeff Williams.
[Photo: flickr.com]