Friday, August 19, 2022

Best Money Tips: How to Save $1000 by Black Friday

Dollars tips

Summer is over and fall season is here with us. There are a couple of interesting holidays and events to look forward too, such as Black Friday. Did you know it is possible to save up some money for Black Friday? Here are some money tips to help you save $1000.

Go to any major grocery store chain and buy a gift card. Some chain stores have great offers such as 4 times the normal reward points. You can use these points to buy more groceries and pay for your fuel.

Lots of these gift cards also have $5 or $10 off on certain items: as a keen saver, you need to shop wisely.

Do you buy $5 sandwiches for lunch? Why not simply buy a loaf of bread and some deli meat then make your own sandwiches at home? This will save you about $15 per week.