Friday, August 19, 2022
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Pokemon go Craze

Pokemon go, is the first game to fuse the digital world and the real world successfully. The game has gone viral, and both adults and kids alike are glued to their smartphones trying to catch Pokemon. Creatures pop into the daily life of the player’s screen, mimicking reality and perhaps that’s why the game is a hit.

People from America to Asia, are excited about the game, but no one has thought about all the potential danger that comes with game addiction. Besides catching the animated creatures, some users have landed in trouble; users have reported accidents, crime, and declining productivity levels.

Pokemon’s software uses an algorithm and GPS to place critters in the player’s environment. As exciting as Pokemon sounds, it has also brought some real life danger to its users. For instance, one user fell into a ditch and fractured his leg while playing the game. The user was rushed into ER because of a fractured of the metastatic bone; that will take about eight weeks to recover.

Shayla Wiggins a 19-year-old was shocked when she found a real dead body along the banks of a river. Shayla was looking for Pokemon on Wind River, Riverton, Wyoming, when she discovered a body on the shores of the river. Police in Missouri have also reported that robbers have been using the game to lure unsuspecting people into secluded areas and then attacking them.

The game has also become such a sensation that it is continually crashing servers. Pokemon developers have reported that they’re unable to keep up with the frequent game freezes. The developers have delayed international sign-ups because they’re trying to solve the current problems.

The game is also facing a potential duplication danger. Analysts fear that clones might start appearing on your screen soon. Pokemon go craze might not last forever because it’s likely to fizzle out as soon as player catch all the monsters.