Monday, March 8, 2021

Snoring can be a nuisance but thankfully there are several natural remedies

Snoring can be a nuisance but thankfully there are several natural remedies

Unfortunately, despite the fact that snoring is involuntary, no one can dispute the fact that snoring is quite annoying. Many people have complained how hard it can get to share a bed with a partner who snores. Snoring is an involuntary condition that occurs when the upper airways are clogged or narrow too much resulting in turbulent airflow which causes the surrounding tissues to vibrate and produce the snoring sound. Fortunately, once the cause of the snoring has been identified controlling and eventually getting rid of the condition is possible. More often than not, snoring keeps those around you from sleeping well.

Snoring can be a nuisance but thankfully there are several natural remedies and lifestyle adjustments that can help stop anyone from snoring.

1. Changing sleep position.

There are several sleeping positions such as sleeping while lying on your back that cause the tongue to fall back and the muscles of the throat to relax which produces a vibrating sound. Therefore, if you have a habit on sleeping on your back, you might want to consider using body pillow for support to allow you to sleep on your side without rolling over on your back.

2. Getting rid of smocking and alcohol drinking habits.

Alcohol is a relaxant which means that when induced, it causes the tissues and muscles in your throat to relax while you sleep causing snoring. Recent studies also indicate that a majority of people who snore are smokers. Though there is no real proof to support this deduction, if you want to stop snoring, you might want to consider quitting smoking.

3. Anti-snoring devices.

Thanks to technology, there are numerous anti-snoring deices that stop snoring by strapping the tongue. An anti-snoring device tends to pull the jaw and the tongue slightly away from the throat which opens the upper airway preventing the vibration of throat tissues (snoring).

People who snore are usually unaware of the annoyance they cause to their bed-partners and are forced to rely on the observations of others. It can be embarrassing to be told that you snore and you are disturbing others. However, if you are a snorer, the best thing to do should be to consult your physician or a sleep specialist and determine the best solution for the snoring problem.