Monday, April 12, 2021

Harry Potter and the Cursed Child‬‬ Guide

Since the opening of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child rave reviews, the first tickets flew off the shelves, depicting the love for the two-part play. Harry Potter, now a grown up still brings magic, enchantment and intrigue in this adventure. Harry ‘Potterheads’ were already excited even before the launch of the play in July.

Some critiques have had some quibbles regarding the play. The reactions have been mixed, with some in favor while; some get the direction of the play. The Financial Times, for instance, has said this concerning the adaptation, “long and bogged down by too much incident and too many characters.” According to The Guardian, the play is a “Convoluted story”, and only “makes much more sense to hardened Potterheads than to anyone who is not a member of the global cult.”

The play is the Harry Potter’s eighth adventure created by JK Rowlings and his team. The creators of adaptation that follows the epilog of Harry Potter’s seventh book and movie have split it into two parts; part one and part two.

The adventure tells a story about a middle-aged Harry and his son Albus who interestingly has taken up after his father to join Hogwarts. The booking started in June 2016 and will continue running until May 2017, giving the play’s lovers a long time to enjoy its magic.

Harry Potter fans can exclusively see the play at The Palace Theatre, Westend. Though the initial tickets sold out in 2015, those that didn’t get a chance on the first bandwagon can still join in the 2017 opening. During the 2017 opening, new tickets will be available every Friday from 1 pm, London time.

The tickets will be available online, and the system will select customers randomly, so as to give a golden chance to people from different regions. The Friday run will be providing tickets for the following week together with extensions for Harry Potter and the Cursed Child.Tags;