Thursday, June 4, 2020

The Rio 2016 Olympic Games Get Underway

The long awaited Olympic games are finally here. The games begun with a colorful opening ceremony on Friday 5th August. Part of the opening ceremony including a nation’s parade by athletes from over 207 nations. The US Rio 2016 team was lead by Michael Phelps, the all-time Olympic gold medalist and member of the US swimming team.

At this year’s Olympics, there was a team consisting entirely of refugees. This is the first time in the history of modern Olympics that a team of refugees is allowed to take part in the games. Also making a debut at Rio 2016 was the Olympic Laureate. This is an award to an outstanding former Olympians who has made a mark in the world. Former Kenyan athlete Kipchoge Keino received the inaugural award for his work in the community.

The opening ceremony was viewed live on TV by an estimated audience of 3 billion. Security in Rio, especially around the Olympics venues and athletes village is very tight. There are hundreds policemen and soldiers patrolling the streets as well as hundreds others behind the scenes.

During the nation’s parade, there were cheers for Rafael Nadal and the Spanish delegation and for Michael Phelps and the US delegation. The Russians and Argentinians were jeered and so was the acting Brazilian President, Michel Temer. The largest cheers were, however, saved for the Brazilian delegation, with chants of “Brasil”, “Brasil” renting the air.

The Olympic games are already underway and some nations have already claimed a number of medals. Nations such as Vietnam and Kosovo have won their country’s first ever gold medals. The first gold medal of Rio 2016 Olympics was won by an American teenager, 19 year old shooter Ginny Thrasher. Michael Phelps, the most accomplished Olympian of all time, added another gold medal to his collection, bringing his total gold medal count to 19 with more expected in the coming days.