Monday, March 8, 2021
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3 Reasons Why You Do Exercise and not Lose Weight Unveiled

The best feeling comes when you exercise and actually see the results and not have to wonder on why you exercise and not lose weight. However, for you to get the best results, you need to put more effort into eating healthy as well as exercising right. For you to be totally well mind and body, you have to change your lifestyle. Here are the three reasons why you could be exercising but not shedding off that extra weight:

Eating the wrong foods: One of the main reasons, you could be doing wrong is that you are eating the wrong kinds of food. There is no point for you to exercise too much if you are going to eat fatty foods that will bring back the calories you have burnt anyway. The type of food that you eat contributes 80% to your chances of losing weight. Different individuals respond differently to different types of foods depending on their body type and rate of metabolism. However, the common rule is that no matter your body type, you still need to eat natural whole foods for you to get the results that you want while exercising. The days when you are doing rigorous training, eat a lot of starchy carbohydrates. On the days when you are not exercising or are doing some light cardio, then eat proteins and a lot of vegetables. Avoid processed foods and sugar at all times

Not working hard enough: Different people have different exercises that work for them. This is where you need to determine to what extent your body can go to and actually get there. It is a trial and error design until you find that one thing that works for you. It does not necessarily mean that you have to spend more time at the gym all you need is to find that one exercise that helps you cut on the weight. As a matter of fact, if you work out hard, then you should work out for a shorter time.

Not taking the time to recover: after every exercise, you need to let the body recover. If you exercise your legs today, then tomorrow you need to focus on other muscles of the body. As for those who like to exercise their whole body, then after a workout, the next day you should either do a very light cardio or let your body rest entirely. The recovery process is the most important part as compared to the exercise itself. This is the time that the body is burning fat, and not when you are working out. It would be great to push yourself to the limit, but at times if your muscles are not up for it, take a rest. You will no longer have to wonder on why you do exercise and not lose weight ever again.