Monday, March 8, 2021
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10 signs you may have cancer

Cancer is a very dangerous health condition that has claimed the lives of many individuals all over the world. Cancer can strike anyone at any time and it is imperative to always be on the watch so for the symptoms and signs. Cancer affects different organs and tissues and the symptoms seen depend on the type of cancer one is suffering from. Below are some of the signs that may indicate you have cancer.

Unexplained weight loss may be a sign that you are suffering from cancer. Most types of cancer cause some weight loss especially those affiliated with the stomach, pancreas and lungs among others.

Fever is a common sign of cancer. It starts off mostly when the cancer has spread form the original point to other parts of the body. All people suffering from cancer experience fevers at some point and it is also affiliated with blood cancers like leukamia and lymphoma.

Fatigue is defined as extreme feeling of tiredness that does not get relieved by rest.This sign is very important especially when the cancer advances as it is used to help determine the seriousness of the condition.The fatigue can be explained by some types of cancer that cause blood loss.

Pain is an early symptom of several types of cancer especially bone and testicular cancer types.Headaches that are persistent and very painful may be signs of a brain tumor. In general, cancer causes pain especially in the area where the cancer is affecting and any consistent pain should not be ignored.

Changes seen on the skin may be another sign of cancer.Mostly, such signs may be affiliated with skin related cancers but they are not exclusive to such types alone. Examples of skin changes include reddening of the skin, itchy feeling, yellowish skin and excessive hair growth.

An unusual case of bleeding is another sign of certain types of cancers. Bleeding may manifest itself in form of mouth discharge which is a common sign of lung cancer.Blood in stool is a sign of colonal or rectal cancer.Blood in urine is a sign of bladder or kidney cancer.

Indigestion issues and swallowing problems that are consistent may be signs of cancer in the esophagus, throat or even the stomach.

Sores are very common things but if you see one that has been present for over three weeks and does not heal, then you need to go for screening as that may be a sign of cancer. Such sores may be indicating the presence of cancerous cells in that part of the body or even the skin.

A persistent cough may be a sign of cancer. Coughs are not a major worry but if they stay around for long and lead to blood discharge at times then you have a reason to worry. In most cases these coughs may be a sign of lung related cancer.

The above signs are very common today and it is imperative to always take them seriously. Cancer is a very lethal condition and starting its treatment while it is still in its early stages is the best way to go.