Thursday, March 4, 2021
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The Toxiest Food Ever That Is killing You Slowly

toxic food

The food that you take plays a significant role in the growth, development and health of your body. While most of the foods are quite delicious and satisfying, they might not be as harmless as you might think. Sadly, although there are frightening foods that are given the red light, most of the toxiest food ever that is killing you slowly are not really on the radar. There are foods that you eat on a daily basis, and yet they could be toxic. In fact, some might cause injuries; others are potentially sickening while others go above and beyond and can send you to the emergency room this very moment.

Many seemingly innocent foods are probably lurking in your home, and you probably enjoy them yet they could be deadly. Save your body as well as your family and be extra careful. Below are some of the toxiest food ever that is killing you slowly and yet are hiding in your kitchen.


Cassava is great, but cassava leaves and roots are extremely dangerous since they contain high levels of cyanide. Yes, that’s right, cyanide. Everybody knows that cyanide is one of the most toxic substances on this planet. Exercise caution whenever you are dealing with cassava, or else you will die the moment you try to enjoy a bite of cassava leaves or roots.

Raw honey

Why raw honey? Well, despite common belief that raw honey is the best, it is among the toxiest food ever that is killing you slowly. Raw honey is not subjected to the pasteurization process. This means that all harmful toxins that are contained in raw honey are not killed. In addition to deadly toxins, raw honey also contains grayanotoxin that causes nausea and general body weakness. Therefore, the next time you think about taking a tablespoon of raw honey, think twice.


Potatoes are quite popular since they are used in preparing fries and crisps. But what you didn’t know is that a substance called glycoalkaloids is found in potato sprouts, leaves, and stems. Consuming glycoalkaloids can cause severe damage to your body including diarrhea, serious headaches, coma and sometimes even death. The next time you are purchasing groceries, avoid potatoes with a greenish tinge at all costs.


Taking too much nutmeg can cause some serious health issues including convulsions and seizures. The spice is a hallucinogenic which means you can hallucinate. Before you start getting any ideas on how to get high using nutmeg, remember that just eating one whole could be the last thing you ever ate.

Lima beans

These foods are packed with proteins and fibers but how you prepare them is what counts. Despite lima beans being hailed as the world’s healthiest food, research indicates that raw or half cooked lima beans contain limarin. Why should you be concerned? When ingested, limarin the body converts limarin to cyanide and when taken in large quantities, well, you know what happens, death. Before you decide to use lima beans in any recipe, ensure that they are fully cooked.