Monday, March 8, 2021

Can You Spot The Asshole Wedding Guest?

Asshole Wedding Guest

Despite thinking that your friends and relatives would make the best wedding guests, there is always the possibility of having one or a few people who are there to ruin the experience. Can You Spot The Asshole Wedding Guest? Is s/he your best friend or relative who just won’t let you have the day? Well, there are a few ways that you Can You Spot The Asshole Wedding Guest with, some of which are highlighted below.

Dressing code is at times one of the most observed elements in a wedding. In your invitations, you sent the dress code; maybe it is an all white wedding. However, despite getting the code, there is that guest who will intentionally make sure that they come dressed in a shiny dress, say pink, just to capture the day and steal the thunder from you. It is your wedding, everyone is supposed to be happy for you, support you and it is all about the soon-to-be the married couple. However, this asshole will not let you have it all.

Can You Spot The Asshole Wedding Guest? Yes, the guest who got drunk even before the wedding kicked off. Ruining everything from the photos, conversations and all that’s/he does is all about messing the whole experience. Despite being, maybe, your best friend or relative, this asshole cannot take the fact that you are getting married. They feel as if they lost you or lost the competition since some people view marriage as an achievement worth of competition rather than a union of two people who deserve and love one another. They could also be overjoyed and unable to control themselves, but the bottom line is, they are the assholes in the wedding.

Are your guests complaining a lot and do you know who caused it? Can You Spot The Asshole Wedding Guest? This is the guest who will utter things that will leave your guests uncomfortable. The guests will look for excuses to leave early when the wedding has not even hit the notch. The asshole maybe even the first person to leave, not just exiting the wedding, but making his/her exit known to everyone, just to confirm how awful the wedding is. These kinds of guests are there just to spoil the experience as they cannot handle your newly found source of happiness. They cannot afford to be happy for you; they feel lost, frustrated or simply feel that your wedding is better than theirs, and they can’t have that.

Weddings are supposed to be the happiest day for the bride and the groom. However, this can turn into a nightmare, thanks to the asshole guests. Can You Spot The Asshole Wedding Guest? What can you do to stop such a guest from ruining your day? Those are some of the concerns that you should significantly consider when preparing your guest invitation lists as well as during the wedding.