Thursday, March 4, 2021

Most Important Rules for Bridesmaids

bridesmaid rules

A bride should generally choose her bridesmaids. Many brides choose their close friends and sometimes a family member such as a cousin or sister to join the bridal party. Many feel honored to be invited and join believing it will be smooth sailing as they are in very good terms with the bride. Unfortunately, small incidences, careless talk, selfishness and other things could come in the way of a great wedding so it is important have some guidelines or bridesmaid rules.

A bridesmaid should help with the wedding plan as much as possible. Many bridesmaids who are called up to join the bridal party often sit back and wait for instructions. It is advisable to sit down with the bride or the rest of the bridal party and discuss and plan the wedding. Here, suggestions can be shared, ideas put forward and general brain storming sessions conducted.

Part of the bridesmaid rules requires the bridesmaids to provide emotional and moral support to the bride. The bride may be going through a lot of stress, anxiety and worry. Reassuring her and offering moral support is generally expected of bridesmaids. It is also important to assist the lady of the moment register her gifts and to also keep it together during the bachelorette party which is a very important event.

The bridesmaid dress is usually trendy and fashionable. A bridesmaid should wear this dress proudly and be joyful while wearing it especially at the wedding. However, they can contribute towards the color, design, trends, matching accessories and so on. The aim is to make the wedding a success. Finally, bridesmaid rules require that a bridesmaid should says only nice things. If there is nothing nice to say then it is better to keep quiet. Very minor things may anger, annoy or disappoint the bride. These are generally acceptable rules that go a long way in guiding bridesmaids.