Monday, April 12, 2021

How To Treat Fibroids – Tips that Work

Despite the fact that most fibroids are harmless, we cannot rule out the truth that they can be painful and stressful when serious thus the need to understand how to treat fibroids properly. Managing the condition well helps ease the pain. There are different ways through which fibroids can be treated. Doctors may suggest removal of the fibroids through a surgical procedure.

Some specialist may decide to cut off the blood supply to the affected part while others may decide to remove the uterus. How this condition is handled depends on its severity. Sometimes all you need is medication to shrink the fibroids. Women should not panic just because they have been diagnosed with fibroids.

Watch out for the signs and symptoms

No woman should start treatment when diagnosed with fibroids but exhibiting no symptoms. This calls for regular pelvic exams to ensure that the condition is not progressing to harmful levels without any measures being taken. In case of an advanced age where you could be approaching menopause, you have to be extra vigilant and carefully monitor the signs.

How tolerant the symptoms are will guide you on whether or not you need to take any action in terms of treatment. Usually, treatment is not advisable at this stage because once menopause passes your hormone levels will reduce significantly causing the fibroids to shrink. There is no need to undergo drastic measures when the symptoms will be subdued after some time.

What if you have heavy menstrual bleeding?

Sometimes women who experience heavy menstrual bleeding could be fibroid related bleeding. However, this is not an assumption that you make without taking the necessary medical measures. You may be experiencing normal menstrual cycle issues. You will be given medication for the heavy bleeding if it is related to fibroids. However, you need to take note that this may not necessarily shrink the fibroids. The only way to understand how to treat fibroids is to talk to a medical practitioner.