Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Finding the right heel pain treatment

Understanding how to ease heel pain is important for any person that is constantly experiencing discomforts on this part of their leg hence the need to explore different heal pain treatments. Fortunately there are numerous remedies that have been tested and tried. Here is a look at some of the remedies that you should consider. Whatever you try, never ignore the feelings of pain in your heel.

Most treatments for heel pain involve a combination of techniques. Most physicians will recommend that you use painkiller and do a few stretches to ease the pain. Sometimes the pain may be severe to the point that only surgery can improve the condition.


You need to rest the affected foot every time you get a chance to. It is important that you avoid standing for long hours or walking far distances as these actions only increase the strain on your leg. However, you need to stretch your calves every once in a while to prevent any rigidity. It is important to talk to your physician to identify the types of exercises that are most appropriate for you.


You can also use over the counter painkillers to relieve your pain. Make sure that you are using non-steroid anti inflammatory drugs. Ibuprofen is an excellent pain killer for this condition. Some people also apply ice on the affected area since they find it soothing. However, it is recommended that you should not apply the ice pack directly on the heel. It is advisable to wrap it in a towel or cloth. Alternatively use a pack of frozen vegetable to ease the pain.

Never compromise on exercise

Exercises are meant to stretch your calves as well as the plantar fascia. There are different types of exercises that are recommended for painful heels. Talk to your doctor to understand the most appropriate for you. Exercises can increase your pain or decrease it depending on the intensity.

Towel stretches. You should loop a towel on your toes and pull it towards your body. Do this every morning before getting out of bed. Consider the types of stretches including stair stretches, chair stretches and dynamic stretches. Make sure you wear the right shoes since this affects effectiveness of your heel pain treatment.

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