Monday, May 20, 2019

People With Big Toe Pain Could Suffer From Infection

People With Big Toe Pain Could Suffer From Infection

Our feet carry us everywhere, so if there is anything wrong with them we usually notice straight away. And small things can have big impacts – just a cut or a blister on the foot can be enough to feel quite uncomfortable when walking.

Causes for Big Toe Pains

Many people suffer from big toe pains, which can have various causes. External causes can be injuries, cuts or ingrown toenails. But also conditions like arthritis or gout could be responsible for painful feelings. Here are some of the most common reasons:

Ingrown toenails

If the side of your nails grow into the skin you have an ingrown toenail, which can be painful. If you notice that the area around your toes is red, warm and swollen, consult a doctor to treat any possible infection.

Fungal Infection

It’s easy to get fungal infections from walking barefoot in areas like gyms, swimming pool or hotel rooms. If your feet are very itchy and the area around your toes is inflammed, you might have caught a fungus.


A bunion is a knobby bump over the big toe joint and a common foot condition. The malpositioned big toe joint can be quite painful.

Arthritis, Gout & Diabetes

Some causes of big toe pain can be hard to detect. Conditions such as arthritis, gout or diabetes can all show themselves in big toe pain. So if you can’t find the source of your pain, see a doctor to rule out any bigger issues.

Infections and Big Toe Pains

The best way to address all these ailments is to consult a doctor. Infections need to be treated immediately so that they don’t get worse and cause unnecessary problems. Doctors can not only treat the problems but also advice patients on how to prevent the issues again in the future.