Tuesday, June 18, 2019
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Strengths and weaknesses of Apple watch

Strengths and weaknesses of Apple watch

The Apple watch is available in three versions: Classic, Sports, and Edition (elegant and luxurious), with dial of 38 or 42 mm (height).

The features of the Apple Watch

Watch Sport 42 mm, which offers incredible advantages not only in sports, but also at work and at play.
In the Apple watch was introduced the Digital Crown which facilitates the interaction with the Watch, as an alternative to the touch. The digital Crown is very simple to use and also has the Hey Siri feature, which allows you to use the voice command feature.

Apple watch uses Force Touch technology, which allows to understand the type of touch. A very strong and decisive touch initiates special functions for accessing various menus, displayed with large icons, easy to use.
The Tap-tic Engine is a surprising technology, able to reproduce particular and distinct tactile experiences for each type of interaction.

Apple watch has a particular sensitivity to the movement of the wrist, when he gets up for the time control activates the display, which turns off when the wrist is lowered. This technology combines the practical usefulness at energy saving.

A very important aspect of Apple Watch are certainly interactive notifications, related to calendar, memo, alarm clocks, etc., you can interact and respond quickly to the message or mark as read an email.
You can call with great sound quality, quickly send messages or dictate messages to Siri. You can manage the iPhone’s music “remote”.

With Apple Pay you can make payments at con-tactless POS terminals and iOS applications.
Apple Watch mounts a series of sensors such as the accelerometer, the gyroscope and the heart rate monitor, very useful for fitness.

The weaknesses of Apple watch:

– has no built-in GPS;
– the battery is too powerful for a day and not enough for two;
– the detection of the heartbeat is sometimes inaccurate.


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