Monday, May 23, 2022

Is Briana Jungwirth Pregnant?

Briana-jungwirth is gonna have a baby

As the media puts it, Briana appeared to public limelight a few days ago for the second time since the news of her baby bump broke out. Briana Jungwirth is 23 years old, quite as old as Tomlinson, who is also 23.

Rumors of Pregnancy

She was caught on camera while walking near a passport office in Los Angeles adorning a white T-shirt and black pants in which her belly showed signs of a baby bump. News of Briana’s pregnancy first came out in June when she left her home in California to avoid public scrutiny. Tomlinson, on his part, first appeared resistant to the news that he was the father-to-be of Briana’s expected child.

Louis Tomlinson has confirmed

However, recent information reveal that he has come out in the public to accept the fact that he is actually the father of Briana’s child. Tomlinson declared his stand officially when he appeared in Good Morning America Show. The renowned singer hooked up with Briana earlier 2015 after he fell out with his long-time girlfriend Eleanor Calder. In a controversial twist, some people argue that the pregnancy is not real and that Briana herself has declared that she is not pregnant. Some even went on to say the photos of Briana were a Photoshop and did not portray genuine information. However, Tomlinson on his part says he is happy about the baby and makes sure he gets every update from Jungwirth. He says he’s now in control and often reminds Briana to eat a balanced diet and take good care of herself. Briana Jungwirth is a very private person, with no social media account and her affair with the celebrity, has sparked a lot of information in the industry. From the comments posted on, some readers argue that the singer did not intend to have the woman as a wife but just as a mutual friend. Whatever the case, people are just waiting for the outcome of the whole story when Briana Jungwirth will finally give birth to her baby.