Sunday, November 11, 2018
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Samsung IFA 2015

Samsung IFA 2015 is considered one of the world’s largest tradeshow showcasing latest consumer electronic gadgets from Samsung Corporation. Samsung product showcase 2015 unveiled the company’s vision to the shareholders and customers.

During IFA 2015 event, Samsung spent considerable time discussing their new product lineup. One of the items that featured prominently on the company’s agenda was the “Smart Things Hub” that enables users to manage all their connected home appliances centrally using a single control device.

The “Smart Things Hub” is a product from Smart Things Company which is an organization acquired by Samsung a year ago. Through Smart things Hub, devices such as the security cameras, microwaves, washing machines and other smart home gadgets can be synchronized to work together and be controlled remotely.

Another flagship announced by Samsung IFA 2015 event is the “Sleep Sense” which is basically a contactless microchip that can be placed under the pillow to analyze an individual’s sleep pattern. The “Sleep Sense” gadget connects with different home appliances including television, music system, and air conditioner among other appliances. Since the “Sleep Sense” gadget already recognizes your sleep patterns, it is able to turn off your television screen when asleep or even turn on your coffee maker in the morning.

Other products launched by samsung during IFA 2015 event include the Samsung Gear S2 smart watch. The product comes with the ability to control Samsung smart phones such as the edge and Galxy versions. It can also be used to control appliances through apps installed in smasung smart phones.

During IFA 2015 even Samsung also showcased their Add Wash intelligent washing machine, smart cars related to the concept of internet of thing. Samsung IFA 2015 also unveiled the HDMI 2.0 technology and world’s first ultra HD Blu-ray player.

Samsung product conference is the main event to showcase the latest products and industry trends. It also act as a platform to engage with customers directly.

[Photo: www.spidersweb.p]