Wednesday, May 27, 2020

Tom Brady’s Carer Achievements

Tom Brady’s career has been one of steady growth. It is not surprising that Tom makes it in the rare list of few world athletes of all time. While everyone has their own definition of what being a great athlete entails, Tom Brady contains most of the traits that would add up to make such a sports person. Regardless of how you choose to look at it, Tom has the right stats backing him as well as excellent career achievements.

Just like most people have their own definitions, for me a winning athlete that fits the description of true greatness is one who wins different championships at varied phases of his career. Look at the world’s greatest basketballers or cricket players. You will notice that these individuals are only considered great because they left a mark during crucial championships in their time. A great player helps his team create a unique identity by helping them win a most coveted title. This is the kind of player that Tom Brady is.

Proof of this is seen when Brady won three championships between 2001 and 2004 hence establishing a name for himself early in his profession. If having three superbowl rings before turning 28 years is anything to go by, then Tom is a great athlete of all time. If his life was to be acted you could put this phase of his life as a first act scene that would have been a breakthough.

Unfortunately, his lack of maintaining a good stamina after 2004 made his grasp of a world top spot seem elusive. However, this is just how I see it. Someone else would still consider Brady as the top most football athlete since it all depends on your definition of greatness. One thing though, Tom is a great football player that ever lived. His prowess and skillful playing cannot be disputed. A fourth ring would definetly clear any analysis doubts that Brady is indeed a great athlete whose record is yet to be broken.

Taking a look into Tom Brady’s career reveals 5 superbowl acts in ten years, 3 Lombardi trophies in his first four starter seasons, numerous awards, touch downs and perfect records all of which are a show of greatness if you ask me.

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