Thursday, June 4, 2020

Analysis of the Best and Worst Redskins Performance Off Season

Analysis of the Best and Worst Redskins Performance

The Redskins have had worst line experiences where they win off the field. Unfortunately, this rarely counts as people identify with wins that happen on the field. It is time the team stopped making the efforts of their charity funders a joke and a reason to mock them online.

New Team Management

Sad news aside, there is one thing that the team did right. The decision to hire Scott McCloughan brought them 20 years in experience in talent scouting and team management. With the assurance of expertise in building a winning team, Redskins should expect a turn around. Despite having problems with alcohol as recounted by a famous magazine report, hiring of this expert was something that people around the league applauded as the right move.

Furthermore the coach’s idea to pick either Kirk Cousin, Robert Griffin or Colt McCoy as the team’s quater back remains one of the finest decisions he ever made. The challenge provides a real competition that is healthy for the team.

The worst announcement

On the flipside of the coin, a few bad decisions could not be missed the most notable being the worst announcement ever made in the team’s history. Just six weeks after announcing that the quaterback position will be competed for, the coach remarks with surity that Griffin will be the obvious choice for the team. Even though this may have happened subconsciously, it is the easiest way to kill the morale for the other two anticipating players. In addition, the coach conclusions may have been biased especially after making it open and free for competition.

An option that may not have been the best is the team’s decision to retain Griffin’s tenure to 2016. This means that despite injuries in 2015, his tenure will still be valid and fully secured. While there may be a few wrong decisions that Redskins may have made, nothing stops them from becoming a success as long as they work on them.