Saturday, May 30, 2020

Technical jobs hiring unskilled labor exposes unemployment problem

Technical jobs require individuals with the expertise and skill to carry out the job, but technical jobs hiring unskilled labor exposes fully the job scarcity in the economy. Indeed, the fact that there is even a job available for the unskilled to sign up for at least heralds hope for the unemployed. However when the unemployed are not in a opposition to do the job efficiently or effectively due to their lack of the prerequisite skills, it points to the unemployment problem being the workforce and their unemployability.

It’s become far too easy for everyone to cry, “there are no jobs available in the market for the unemployed” when the issue of lack of jobs comes up. And since there is a belief far and wide that people do not work because there are no jobs for them to do, whenever an economy experiences rising unemployment numbers it’s the lack of jobs that the finger gets pointed at. However when companies that have technical jobs available have to resort to hiring the unskilled it becomes apparent that the problem of unemployment lies not with the scarcity of jobs but the lack of a skilled labor force. Because jobs are created as a response to unemployment, but as a response to the economy’s needs. And if the jobs are available, the labor has to be adequately skilled to fill up the vacancies.

Yet technical jobs hiring unskilled labor is quite the norm, such that there are company training programs that are dedicated to ensuring that the unskilled labor readies up well enough to do their job. But really the workforce ought to respond to the needs of the skills required by up skilling themselves before entering the job market because the jobs are available, but the workforce seemingly not.