Saturday, August 8, 2020

Jobs for teens not child labor if they’re apprenticeships

Jobs for teens are considered child labor in parts of the world, and certainly where they aren’t teens at least need the consent of their parents or guardians in order to join the labor force. Understandably, there needs to be strict boundaries where children who have not yet finished school and are at the acceptable working age, since they are most vulnerable to exploitation in the workplace.

However, there is a category of work that is suitable for teenagers which essentially renders them better prepared and well equipped to join the workforce once they are old enough to do so, and that is an apprenticeship or work that aims to train the young worker at a wage. Apprenticeships are the ideal way for young people to use their time constructively learning a skill set that will prove invaluable once they are ready to hit the working world, and the best part of all is that they work for a wage which means cash to spend on the trappings of teenage-hood.

And while not every job available will be apprenticeship based, as some economies simply need workers who are willing and able; it is certainly true that jobs for teens can be structured such that the teen gets the benefit of a training based work plan, while the employer gets a worker. And an apprenticeship minimizes the possibility of exploitative practice where the teen is concerned since the work relationship will be governed by apprentice based guidelines.