Saturday, May 30, 2020

Entertainment industry jobs in Seattle hard to come by

With the surge of reality television shows that have proliferated our screens, it seems everyone wants their 15 seconds of fame, but entertainment jobs in Seattle – not only reality TV related but any nature of entertainment – are hard to come by in Seattle. So those who live there and wish to make a career in the entertainment industry will do well to pack their bags, if only temporarily and head over to the entertainment Mecca’s of Los Angeles and New York City.

It seems a profound cliché, and one that shouldn’t even be worthy of being mentioned in the age of you tube and other social media websites, that if you want to be a star you should try your luck in Hollywood and the ‘Big Apple’ along with the thousands of hopefuls just as eager to ‘make it big’ in the entertainment industry. But in reality, excuse the pun, unless you’re paying your dues – another cliché I’m loathe to use but so fitting under the circumstances – as a struggling artist in these cities then there’s an even lesser chance of you making it compared to the already minuscule chance when one is actually in those cities.

Indeed, one could hope to be discovered eventually when outside these nucleus’ of entertainment, or even settle for non-entertainment jobs in Seattle while posting you tube videos of one’s talents. But nothing beats going where the ‘action is’, because if anything, one gets to experience firsthand the exhilaration being in the environment that keeps the industry steadily on its feet.