Monday, May 23, 2022

At the Met Gala Gucci receives a lot of free publicity

At the Met Gala Gucci receives an inordinate amount of free publicity owing their strategy of dressing A-list stars who inevitably get photographed and quizzed about their choice of designer for the event. Now this may seem like a wasteful exercise considering that many A-list stars ultimately get to keep the expensive attire they wear on the red carpet, but there is method to this seeming madness.

If one considers the fact that the cost of taking out an advertisement on any above-the-line media – that would be traditional media used to garner mass appeal pre-social media era – could run into hundreds of thousands depending on the campaign, then giving away a couple of dresses and tuxedos is a bargain. If one further considers that we currently live in a celebrity-obsessed culture with celebrity photographs fetching millions then it’ll be little surprise to learn that the images taken of the celebrities decked out in Gucci will be seen by heaps of people.

All that publicity at the prize of giving away a few garments sure seems like a bargain. That’s because it is. If at the Met Gala Gucci can receive so much free publicity, they are sure to cement their reign as the quintessential luxury clothing brand for years to come.