Saturday, May 30, 2020

NCAA football does more than groom future stars

Talented football players who show promise from an early age don’t have the making of being the best, but NCAA football hones the talent of these gifted athletes and grooms them in ways of the champion. While not every talented young football player finds their way to college level football owing various socio-economic and academic limitations, the ones who ultimately make the cut to play at college level stand in line to receive mentorship, guidance and training that will hold them in good stead not only on the football field but life in general.

One of the unquestionable advantages of playing under NCAA football is the highly efficient structure that is in place at that level of competitive sport. Having been around for decades, the association operates such that it encourages sporting excellence through maintaining of standards cultivated over the years of organisational rigour, while also inspiring athletes to follow through those standards in other areas of their lives. So while the overarching concern for an organisation such as the NCAA is upholding superior performance in sports, the residual impact on the athlete goes far beyond the confines of the football arena.

NCAA football is particularly well positioned to have this impact, given that many of the football players who emerge as shining stars at college level ultimately make it to the sought after NFL. And with all the trappings and high levels of exposure that come with signing a lucrative NFL contract, the lessons of excellence beyond the field imparted at college level will prove to be most crucial.