Saturday, August 8, 2020

Jobs for kids to earn money is an indictment on poor parenting

Any civilized society that has jobs for kids to earn money exposes poor parenting insofar as raising healthy children is concerned. Earning a living in order to provide for a household can never be a responsibility that is shouldered by kids, even partly. Children are vulnerable members of society who are under the care and supervision of adults for a reason, which is to say that they are meant to be provided for by those who are mature enough to understand the implications, demands and repercussions; which children are not mentally and sometimes physically equipped to handle.

Sure, there is the very real possibility that kids who work to earn money are in a position to learn essential life skills within that context; such as the value of hard work and being rewarded for said hard work, the value of money etc. However these are values that involved parents can impart on their children in a home environment which is safe and nurturing and doesn’t expose vulnerable children to all manner of exploitation.

Furthermore, to claim that there are invaluable life skills to be gleaned from a work environment presupposes that the work environment and type of work entered into have these life skills as a natural consequence of merely existing. As if there isn’t some kind of concerted mentorship and guidance required in order for these skills to be transferred onto the working kids. Yet children are meant to receive such guidance and mentorship from their parents anyway, so to have jobs for kids to earn money is essentially redundant and exposes poor parenting in those who opt have their kids work to make a living.