Thursday, September 29, 2022

NCAA football gives players a shot at the NFL

NCAA football offers talented collegiate football players an opportunity at making it big at National Football League level, given that the association oversees over eighty college football teams in the country. Added to that, college level football is notoriously competitive, with only the best of the absolute best making their way into the big leagues.

Yet, football players don’t simply ‘make it’ to the big leagues. There is an entire system that drives the NFL player selection process. There are football players who are stand out stars from as early as high school, and the NFL scouting machine duly swoops in and the team with the best offer signs these talented athletes; but this level of football pales in comparison to the mega factory of football talent that is college level football. And indeed, with the swarm of talent flocking college football fields every season, it is here that football players get the best chance at being scouted for an NFL team.

There is the uncomfortable reality that not every talented player that sets foot on the field will be among the chosen ones. However playing for a college team that is under NCAA football significantly increases the chances that a player will have a shot at the NFL.