Friday, August 19, 2022

Ducati manufactures motorcycles not panacea for broken dreams

Ducati motorcycles are revered not only among bona fide motorcycle enthusiasts, but non-motorcycle lovers alike; particularly those non-motorcycle drivers who have a penchant for activities that are completely removed from their comfort zone as a means of allaying the discomfort of unrealized dreams. And while the Ducati motorcycles may provide, on some level at least, this sought after reprieve; it is by no means a panacea for broken dreams.

So often people find themselves in the Fall of their lives only to discover that their hopes and dreams have withered away over the years; and with nothing to cushion this most toughest of realizations it is all too easy to find salvation in things or activities that work as a vicarious substitute for those unrealized dreams. But this can never work for the propensity to take said activity or thing to extremes is ever present as it can never truly satisfy one in the way that one’s own dreams and hopes will have been able to. It is thus that non-motorcycle drivers indulge in risky behavior when participating in this pastime. Many non-motorcycle drivers get into the activity without putting in the required amount of time and preparation in order to become proficient at motorcycle driving, which leads to the endangering of not only their own lives but that of fellow road users.

And it is precisely this ever present threat of danger on the roads that makes the prospect of non-motorcycle drivers getting their hands on a Ducati, this powerful racing machine, dismaying and quite rightly so worthy of reproach.