Thursday, September 29, 2022

Booking an exclusive resort a waste of your travel budget

Booking into an exclusive resort may be the travel dream of many, yet it could easily turn into a vacation nightmare. Reasonably speaking, the most expensive part of one’s travel itinerary should be the flights, and a distant second to that cost is typically the accommodation. However it’s a distant second precisely because adequate and often even highly graded accommodation should not take up a big chunk of the travel budget.

However there are those who imagine themselves deserving of the most exclusive abode on offer in their destination of choice. While there is a handful of moneyed individuals who can afford to flush down a couple of thousand dollars down five star toilets, a great many people are not in this fortunate position, and it is these individuals who should rather use their money for other travel activities such as sightseeing, sampling exotic cuisine and the like. For you can make your travel budget stretch a lot further by avoiding big expensive splurges like expensive resorts.

It’s perfectly understandable that one yearns to live like the celebrities and tycoons who proliferate our Televisions and Internet, however spending copious amounts of money on an exclusive resort will see you sleep like the rich but experience the destination like a pauper.