Thursday, March 23, 2023

Choose a Travel card that’s accepted all over the world

A Travel card that’s accepted all over the world

A travel card is one of the most important items for travellers, especially travellers that travel abroad frequently. Travelling to a foreign country, especially countries whose language you don’t speak is challenging enough without having to deal with the possibility of your travel card not working in that country. And you may very well find yourself dealing with the frustration of not being able to retrieve money from ATM’s or make any purchases if your travel card is not accepted in certain foreign countries.

Visa and MasterCard

Of all the card companies whose business is accepted at retailers, merchants and banks across the world, Visa and MasterCard are probably your best bet when it comes to the likelihood that the travel card will be accepted for transactions and withdrawals. American Express on the other hand is probably not such a good idea for a global travel card since its network of countries who accept their business is not as extensive as the two aforementioned. So you may find yourself in a country with no currency and unable to withdraw currency or make any transactions because no American Express cards are accepted.

Of course its best advised to do thorough research of which countries your travel card will and will not be accepted before embarking on your trip. But if your trip is spontaneous and you don’t get the chance to do the research, stick with Visa and MasterCard.