Monday, April 12, 2021
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The Xbox one price should be reduced with every new upgrade

The Xbox one price should be reduced every time a new generation Xbox gaming console is released. This only stands to reason since the Xbox one technology will have been outdated compared to the newer and more advanced versions of Xbox. Furthermore, it makes no sense whatsoever to pay a premium for the Xbox one which would essentially be priced quite close to the newer versions, since by not reducing the price of the first Xbox the manufacturers risk pricing the newer versions out of the market.

The gaming console industry is and always has been highly competitive, and rightly so; every boy and overgrown boy wants to get their hands on the latest game on offer. From racing car games to games that have big explosions everywhere, the male species, and a sizeable number of women and girls; seem completely enthralled with the gaming world. So in a bid for relevance, gaming console companies release ever newer versions of existing ones, but the critical issue is that the older versions ought to be reduced in price so that the newer versions are not priced at a similar range as the older ones.

However if the Xbox one price is not reduced when upgraded versions are released, there’s always the option of gamers going over to the competitor whose prices are in line with product relevance.