Monday, June 1, 2020

Septic tank pumping quite possibly the worst job

Septic tank

There are all kinds of jobs that people take up in order to survive, and septic tank pumping is one of those. Except that this is quite possibly the worst job that one can do, despite the fact that like all jobs, it pays the bills at the end of the month.

What does a septic system do?

Many home owners have a septic system in their home. It’s the system that collects all the waste from the different drainage points in the house into one tank, the septic tank. And all this waste includes, yes you guessed it, waste from the toilet, among other things. Now in order to ensure that the septic system does not develop any major problems a professional needs to come in and pump it, which includes checking the levels of scum and sludge. And in instances where the system needs to be fixed, there is an even deeper involvement with the unpleasant mire sitting in the septic tank; smells, slime and everything.

It’s not the best job

Sure there are probably worse things to do when compared to dealing with the remains of the toilet, bathroom and general dirt in someone’s house, especially because one wears protective equipment when carrying out the job, but septic tank pumping has got to be up there with the worst jobs available.