Monday, June 17, 2019

Types of chairs, material and design used in making chairs

This article gives information about types of chairs, materials used and design used to make chairs.

A stool is a type of chair which has no back and even arm rest. A bar stool is a chair which is raised up and an armchair has got arms and also has a footrest reclining and a folding action. A seat is a type of chair which is permanently set up in a train, airplanes or even theaters.

A chair can also be made to be used by more than one person. These chairs are commonly referred to as couches, bench or sofas. Ottoman is furniture made for use as a footrest which is separate from the chair.

Despite chairs being known for their simplicity, several centuries ago it was not used for ordinary purposes. Chairs were seen as an article of state and used as a symbol of authority in many occasions and countries such as United Kingdom where it was used in the House of Commons. Since the sixteenth century, chairs have been used for ordinary purposes and became very common.

In the earlier years, chairs were made from wood carvings and where usually covered using leather or cloth. In Egypt, in the ancient times it was used as a symbol of wealthy and splendor among the people. The chairs were made and covered with expensive materials. The chair lengths depended on the level of seniority or rank an individual had and the higher the chair the greater the individual was honored.

Chairs are made with varying designs. They can have a back which extends higher than the head of the person sitting on it. Creative or even porous materials can be used to make chairs. In designing a chair there are several factors considered. The design depends on the intended purpose or use of the chair, its comfort ability, size and also how the durability of the chair. Egornomics design is meant to ensure the even distribution of the weight of the person sittion on the chair to the various body parts.