Thursday, June 4, 2020

Nothing says midlife crisis than sport cars in midlife

Middle aged men going through a midlife crisis have often found themselves spending their savings getting sport cars. Not for any reason outside of the fact of what a sport car represents in the perspective of many, and that is invincibility which in itself has come to represent youth and the ability to conquer without fear of reproach.

It is this sense of youth, whether real or imagined that men in the throes of a midlife crisis are after. It seems that many men go through life without any significant thought as to how they will handle the impending life hurdle that they will come across, the reality of their youth having faded away, dreams unrealised and all manner of psychic pressure that presents itself at that time. And so it is thus that when the crisis hits, men with the means and those without will head over to a dealership for a sport car of their very own.

It is true that one cannot truly know what the experience of a particular phenomenon will be until one arrives at such a phenomenon. So even ‘preparing’ for a crisis is not enough to help one to actually deal with one. And until there are other means of dealing with this life phase, sport cars will keep their place as the thing to buy when in a midlife crisis.