Monday, June 1, 2020

A planned holiday beats last minute cruises

Last minute cruises may be ideal for those who haven’t planned their holiday destination, but there’s nothing quite like the satisfaction one derives from going to a destination that one wanted in the first place. Sure, cruises have their positives and one can certainly have as much fun at a cruise as at any other destination, however a last minute cruise is not necessarily one’s first destination of choice.

The freedom to choose is often underestimated, for people have so much choice that they take for granted that firstly, it’s always this way and secondly that one can get immense satisfaction from experiencing the things that one has freely chosen. This is why a holiday destination that one has deliberately taken the time to choose in advance and then subsequently experience is so much more enjoyable than a last minute cruise. A last is a destination that one almost settles for, for not having had the time or foresight to plan for a destination that one wanted. Thus the enjoyment one gets from a cruise of this nature is limited to what one has paid for.

Whether one has the time to plan for a holiday or not is less significant than having the choice to select the holiday one wants to have, because as long as there are agencies that can carry out ones holiday requests, not having time will never be a critical factor. And certainly if one wants to enjoy fully the holiday of one’s choosing, last minute cruises are probably not the best option.