Friday, August 19, 2022

Sport cars no longer just for the mucho

Sport cars have long been the moniker for the mucho guy whose inward sense of aggressive masculinity had to be matched by the outward representation of that masculinity through things like powerful cars. And thanks to the generally held view that anything that exudes power and high performance must be ‘masculine’ in nature, this moniker found itself the perfect fit in mucho men.

However things have started to change in this arena, and mostly as a result of a societal move towards a more sane gender perspective. Sports cars can now be seen driven by not only hyper masculine men, but those men who don’t identify as mucho as well as women who happen to enjoy speed and high performance in their cars, but remain very feminine in every way. Sport cars are also being manufactured in bodies that have typically not been sport car like, such as sedans and hatchbacks. These sport cars still provide the speed and performance inherent in sport cars, but with bodies that are less mucho looking.

While sport cars are more accessible to a wider spectrum of drivers, and not just the mucho guy, the price tag on these vehicles still makes the car considerably out of reach for the average person. So unless you’re a non-mucho guy who happens to also have deep pockets, sport cars will forever remain inaccessible to you.