Sunday, January 20, 2019

DIY Tips for Chimney Repair

While it is advisable to call an expert for your chimney repair services, you can also take charge and control some problems that may save you several dollars.

When you cal professionals for chimney repair to inspect your chimney, they perform a number of inspections. First, they are concerned about creosote buildup. After doing away with creosote, a specialist checks both the interior and the outside of the chimney to diagnose other issues.

For a detailed chimney checkup, a specialist may use a camera or video recorder to come up with a better view. Some of the things they check during the inspection include the following:

Water damage: rainwater seeping through cracks in the chimney to crevices in the roof’s edge can eventually lead to substantial damage of both the chimney and the house.

Structural damage: this refers to cracks in the masonry work and loose bits of mortar that can cause gaps in the chimney.

Presence of birds and other animals

The animals can cause damage or block smoke from being vented out of the chimney. A missing or damaged chimney cap also allows animals and birds to get into the chimney and fireplace.