Thursday, September 29, 2022

New SUV’s lend owners that ‘fresh out of the box’ charm

It’s very hard to deny the fact the new SUV’s immediately draw the onlooker in. For like all new cars, brand new SUV’s lend owners that fresh out of the box charm. It’s inherent in all new things I guess that their novelty seems to not only give the object itself some glamour, so too the owners of these brand new ‘toys’.

It’s been proven that psychologically we purchase those things that make us feel good. This stands to reason too, for if one considers that the very act of paying for something with ones hard earned money goes towards rewarding ourselves in some way. We can take this reasoning further and that if we buy things that make us feel or look a certain way, then we acquiesce that the things we buy have the power to make us feel or look that certain way. And one cannot deny that when one sees the owner of a brand new SUV, there’s a particular look that they exude as a result, a look that could also be described as ‘fresh out of the box charm’; the kind of charm that makes an otherwise unnoticeable civilian, far more attractive.

So contrary to popular belief, one can definitely buy charm. It happens to come in the form of brand new SUV’s. There is only one setback of course, that you have the pockets deep enough to buy said charm.