Monday, May 20, 2019

Nothing says you’ve ‘arrived’ like Luxury SUVs

For those looking to be elevated in social status, luxury SUV’s does just that because they tell people that you’ve ‘arrived’. Forever the moniker of the rich, luxury cars like the SUV give one a boost in the social ranks because not many can afford the piece of expensive metal, and also the sheer visual appeal of the vehicle hardly goes unnoticed.

Certainly not everyone who forks out the money to buy a luxury SUV does so with the express intention of being noticed or because they deliberately wish their social status to climb a few notches. Yet, even without the intent, the car does this for the driver by default. Quite similar to the unsolicited effects of being a celebrity, certain possessions which cannot go unnoticed owing their general social value, bestow upon the owners a level of recognition which cannot be turned away.

For those expressly seeking this level of attention, the deliberate purchase of luxury SUV’s is the perfect tool to garner the attention. Whether the driver can afford the maintenance of said luxury vehicle, and consequently newly acquired reputation, is a matter for an entirely different blog post, for the primary goal of the luxury SUV affording one high social status will have been achieved.