Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Moen faucet repair parts: Steps to Repair Faucets

Faucets are important components of bathroom facilities. They are mechanical in nature, working to allow water to come out of the system into the sink. With constant use, faucets can develop problems and become unresponsive, not allowing water to come out or leaking at some points.

If you have a problem with your faucet and not the entire system, it is important to know basic steps you can take to fix the problem even without involving a specialist. One thing you need to know is that faucets are available in different brands from various suppliers in the market. If yours is a Moen brand, then you have to buy Moen faucet repair parts to fix the problem.

Repairing a faucet is cheaper than replacing a completely new system, especially in circumstances when only the faucet has a problem and not the sink. Once you are ready with genuine Moen faucet repair parts in the same configuration, follow these steps to ensure that you fix the problem in the right way.

• If water does not come out from the faucet, check the shut-off valves to ensure if they are open.

• Ensure the bleeder valve is also loose to let water reach the valve

• Remove the aerator part and clean the faucet spout of any material that may clog it

• Replace aerator and if water does not come out still, close the shut-off valve and using a pair of pliers, remove the faucet spout.

• From inside the faucet housing, remove the diverter valve as well

• Slowly open the shut-off valve for cold water until water comes out in the faucet housing, and then shut the faucet.

• Have the diverter valve and the faucet spout replaced and then tighten using pliers. At this point, the valves should be open and water should flow.

• Open both cold and hot water handles to ensure that water flows freely.

When you master the steps, you can simply fix the problem yourself without inviting a specialist. In the end, you save money and learn a new skill.